Our clients say... Immense buying power
Very, very strong in the energy sector
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Our clients say... Truly working together with me, the client
On my side at all times

Whether you are a small businessman or work within a large global brand, there can be little doubt the name of your business will have been carefully chosen to explain what you do, demonstrate authority in your market or just to have fun. Or all three, like Powerful Allies.


Our clients say... Great name, great philosophy
Intelligent energy buying

The name Powerful Allies seeks to emphasise how we harness immense buying power through the best business energy wholesalers and service providers in the UK, and then deliver these benefits to our clients, our Allies with whom we share common objective and values. We hope the name says it all...

Save money by smarter energy buying

Best electricity prices for business
Save money by smarter energy buying

You are reading this because you wish to buy business energy at the best possible rate; this is clearly part of your job. But you may have already discovered how time consuming and confusing that process can be. Being spoilt for choice can mean no choice at all, and no matter how large your business, it is still a small voice in a very large forest.

Powerful Allies specialise in the half hourly market, providing immense buying power for those with half hourly meter systems whilst removing the worry and mystique surrounding energy contracts. In brief we make the process simple and transparent. This is what we call Smarter Buying.

Smarter energy buying reduces the amount you will pay in the future for your business electricity and gas, whether you represent a small business or a huge entity. And this service is free.

Develop Your green energy strategy

Small business electricity prices
Develop A green energy strategy

For some clients, using energy from renewable resources is a question of principle, for others it is a matter of business priorities. Either way there is a great deal of confusion and perhaps justified scepticism over the concept of "Green energy".

But there are genuine renewable sources of fuel which will enable clients to use affordable green energy.

Our primary role is to place contracts for green energy which meet the cost and environmental objectives of our clients. As with all Powerful Allies energy procurement, this service is provided free of direct charge to our clients.

Saving money by REDUCING energy consumption

Business electricity provider
Saving money by reducing energy consumption

You are trying to reduce the amount of energy used in your business, but it is easy for clients, large and small, to miss opportunities to cut fuel costs further. Indeed often you may not even know about the degree of energy simply wasted day by day.

Electrical losses and water leaks can cost a fortune, and not only can be remedied but possibly even reimbursed*.

Powerful Allies will offer whatever resources we can to help you identify waste energy and cut it. And often the solutions are staring us in the face. If Powerful Allies provides that focus, we have done a good job.

*Interesting fact. Up to 25% of business water bills are inaccurate, and can be challenged over a 6 year history. Powerful Allies can arrange this.